5th October 2011 8:29
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In response to an anon

Laura picked up the anon ask, but I wanted to address it too.

We (me, mostly10, and laura, dunderklumpen) don’t repost. That could be answer enough, really, but let me explain how we’ve set this blog up.

The origin of the blog was the amount of squee over blinks we got on our individual blogs, and because we ourselves have a *thing* for the blink, we decided this blog was a good idea (“great minds blink alike”, right?). While we realised that we both had quite a few blink-gifs already made, we actively decided to hold off our launch until we had enough original content to make it feel worth it.

In the making of the blog, pre-launch, we also decided on a posting-code. As in, how each post should look as regards to tags and such (our tag index is ocd-gasmic), for example. We also decided that every original gif should be given our own blogs as the source. As advertisement, yes (because our individual blogs have way more content than this one), but also as… Well, because we are the source of the gifs, aren’t we?

I have a feeling that this might be where anon has misunderstood. While the source points to our blogs, they are NOT reposted from there (if we want a post in both places, we reblog. There’s a tag for that too, so you can tell which are reblogged).

There are a few gifs that may be accused of being reposts (still of our own gifs, though, not someone elses) and that’s our gif-tennis blinks. The thing about them, however, is that they were MADE for this blog. But tennis in one blog is no fun, and in keeping with our tennis tradition we posted them first on our blogs (in keeping with the tennis idea), and then uploaded the ones which pleased us to this blog.

So that’s it. :) We set this blog up for our own enjoyment and we hope you enjoy it too. If there really is something that bugs you, we hope you’ll let us know so that we can fix it. Just trust us when we say that we don’t repost gifs except in special circumstances - and we never repost someone elses gifs. Ever. Because that is a fundamentally shitty thing to do. ;)

♥ - linda

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